Socio-economic and Environmental Impact of German Energy Transition: A Policy Review at Halfway

Sirri Uyanik

Page: 56-68
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Pairing Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses during Flooding Event in Mamiá Lake (Amazon River)

Karla K. A. Serique, Josedec M. F. Monteiro, Assad J. Darwich, Fabio Aprile

Page: 1-12
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Statistical Modeling of the Methane Production from Slaughterhouse Wastes in Anaerobic Co-digestion

Yans Guardia-Puebla, Miguel Herrera-Robledo, Yoandro Rodríguez-Ponce, Suyén Rodríguez-Pérez, Manuel Pérez-Cedeño

Page: 13-25
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Seasonally Separated Logistic Models to Assess the Impact of Climate Variables on Occurrence of Rainfall over the Bagmati River Basin of Nepal

Rajendra Man Shrestha, Srijan Lal Shrestha

Page: 26-42
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Life Cycle Analysis of Green Roof Implemented in a Global South Low-income Country

Dominique Morau, Tsiorimalala N. Rabarison, Hery T. Rakotondramiarana

Page: 43-55
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