Projected Impact of Sea Level Rise on Nigeria’s Coastal City of Calabar in Cross River State

Joel Efiong, John O. Ushie

Page: 535-548
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Hydraulic Performance Assessment of Mychew Small Scale Irrigation Scheme, North Ethiopia

Efriem Tariku Kassa, Mekonen Ayana

Page: 549-561
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Comprehensive Drought Analysis Using Statistical and Meteorological Indices Approach: A Case Study of Badin, Sindh

Aisha Akber, Syed Feroz Shah, Muhammad Wajid Ijaz, Hira Soomro, Nimra Alam, Latief Ahmed

Page: 594-604
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Assessing the Changing Rationale of the Fisher Youth in Climate Change Hotspots of Kerala

Shyam S. Salim, Harsha Elizabeth James, A. M. Shinu, N. R. Athira, R. X. Smitha

Page: 605-615
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Predictive Connection for 2100 between Atmospheric Carbon, Global Warming and Ocean Height Based on Climate History

Thomas F. Valone

Page: 562-593
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