A sustainable world is one in which human needs are met equitably without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs and without harm to the environment and ecosystem function and service. Meeting this formidable challenge requires a substantial effort under climate change impact, economic development and population growth. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change (ISSN: 2581-8627) aims to publish original research articles, review articles and short communications. By not excluding papers based on novelty, this journal facilitates the research and wishes to publish papers as long as they are technically correct and scientifically motivated. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results. This is a quality controlled, OPEN peer-reviewed, open-access INTERNATIONAL journal. It has long been recognized that the long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavour under climate change impact. The aims are to support engineering science research with the goal of promoting sustainable development with environmentally benign engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems.

NAAS Score: 5.16 (2024)

Current Issue

2024 - Volume 14 [Issue 7]

Original Research Article

Effect of Organic Sources on Properties of Soil on the Cultivation of Greengram (Vigna radiate L.) in Sandy Loam Soil of Middle Gujrat Region

Lakshman, C.H. Raval, H. K. Patel, Suwa Lal Yadav, Devilal Birla, Priyanka Choudhary, Manju Choudhary

Influence of Different Tillage Practices, Irrigation and Nitrogen Levels on Yield and Economics of Rice Fallow Maize

Ganta Harshitha, G. Sreenivas, N. Mahesh, K. Chandrashekhar, Anima Biswal, P. Srikanth

Climatic Variability and Impact of Climate Change on Rice and Wheat in the Eastern Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh, India

Balwant Singh, Anjani Kurrey, A.K. Singh, R. K. Yadav, Smita Gupta, Pirya Singh, A.N. Mishra

Causality of Environmental Degradation and Economic Growth in Indonesia

Sri Rahayu Budi Hastuti, Didit Welly Udjianto, Rini Dwi Astuti, Ilyasin Aditya Rahman

Influence of Diverse Growing Environments and Plant Densities on Phenological Development and Agrometeorological Indices of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in the Hyper Arid Zone of Rajasthan, India

Madan Lal Reager, Subhash Chandra, S.P. Singh, R.C. Bairwa, Naval Kishor, Richa Pant, C.K. Dotaniya, Vinay Kumar, Sang-Min Chung, Anupama Singh, Chinmayee Mohapatra, Suvalaxmi Palei, Meenakshi Badu, Ankita Mohanty, Mandakini Kabi, S. Kumaraswamy, Bhagwat Singh Kherawat, Mahipal Singh Kesawat

Study of Seasonal Incidence of Rice Earhead Bug (Coreidae: Hemiptera)

Shreya Soneshwar, Deepali Vishwakarma, A. Gyan Sirohi, Sudish Kumar, Yogesh Kumar, Sanju Singh, A.K. Bhowmick

Review Article

A Comprehensive Review on Protected Cultivation: Importance, Scope and Status

Chetna Banjare, Dibyajyoti Mahanta, Premlal Sahu, Rishika Choudhary

Insect Biodegradation of Plastic: A Review

Maharaj Satwika, N. M. Ramesha, Burjikindi Madhuri, Chava Asritha, T. Hemanth, Kolli Bharghavi

Emerging Innovations in Aquaculture: Navigating towards Sustainable Solutions

Jham Lal, Anand Vaishnav, Durgesh Kumar Verma, Aritriya Jana, Rajesh Jayaswal, Adipta Chakraborty, Shailendra Kumar, Devati, Muneshwar Pavankalyan, Sahil

A Comprehensive Analysis of Drought Stress Responses in Rice (Oryza sativa L.): Insights into Developmental Stage Variations from Germination to Grain Filling

Deepanwita Sadhukhan, Tiyasa Mukherjee, Ayan Sarkar, Naorem Diana Devi, Dipti Bisarya, Vinai Kumar, M. Jincy

A Brief Overview of Technologies in Automated Agriculture: Shaping the Farms of Tomorrow

Ritik Raj, Shailesh Kumar, Sudhanand Prasad Lal, Hemlata Singh, Jyostnarani Pradhan, Yash Bhardwaj

Climate Smart Agriculture: A Roadmap to Sustainable Food Security

Junaid Mehraj, Latief Ahmed, Kahkashan Qayoom, Faisul Rasool, Raies A Bhat, Umer Fayaz, Umar Rashid Abdullah, Sajad Yousuf Dar, Amir Hussain Mir

Abiotic Factors as Game Changer in Sex Ratio Distortion of Insects

Sweta Verma, Doddachowdappa Sagar, Hemant Kumar, Sujatha G S

Climate Resilient Agriculture: Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability in the Face of Climate Change Scenario

Chinmoy Deori, Pratishruti Behera, Anjan Sharma, Mriganko Kakoti, Juman Das, A. P. Singh, Bhim Singh, Reemashree Das

A Review on Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Agricultural Extension Services in Adapting to Climate Change among Subsistence Farmers

Rahul Prasad R, Anil K, Prahlad P Bhat, Manohar K N, Rajesh C M, Abhishek Jadhav, Bhanu Prakash B