Study on Effect of Rainfall Variability on Crop Productivity of Tur (Arhar) and Cotton Crops for Various Districts of Maharashtra, India

S. Y. Khedikar

India Meteorological Department, Pune-411005, India.

S. N. Panchabhai *

Department of Agricultural Extension, Anand Niketan College of Agriculture, Warora-442914, Maharashtra, India.

T. K. Mandal

Department of Agricultural Extension, BCKV, Mohanpur, Nadia-741252, West Bengal, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This research article investigates the impact of rainfall variability on the productivity of Tur (Arhar) and Cotton crops in the districts of Maharashtra, India. The study analyzes the correlation between rainfall departure (deviation from the normal) and crop productivity, focusing on specific months when rainfall has the most significant influence on crop yield. Secondary data from the India Meteorological Department and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare were utilized for the analysis. Statistical methods such as detrending, correlation analysis, and significance testing were employed to measure the relationship between rainfall variability and crop productivity. For the Tur (Arhar) crop, the study covers data from 1997-1998 to 2018-2019 for 34 districts in Maharashtra. The analysis reveals the effects of rainfall on different stages of crop growth, such as sowing, germination, vegetative growth, flowering, grain formation, and harvesting. Similarly, for the Cotton crop, data from 28 districts were examined to determine the impact of rainfall on various stages of crop development. The findings indicate that rainfall plays a crucial role in crop productivity, with both positive and negative correlations observed in different districts and months. The study highlights the significance of rainfall during specific stages of crop growth and emphasizes the importance of considering rainfall patterns when making agricultural decisions. This research contributes valuable insights into the relationship between rainfall variability and crop productivity, providing farmers and policymakers with knowledge to develop sustainable agricultural strategies in Maharashtra. By understanding the influence of rainfall on crop yield, farmers can make informed decisions regarding crop selection and adopt appropriate agricultural practices to mitigate the effects of rainfall variability.

Keywords: Rainfall variability, crop productivity, Maharashtra, Tur, cotton

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Khedikar , S. Y., Panchabhai , S. N., & Mandal , T. K. (2023). Study on Effect of Rainfall Variability on Crop Productivity of Tur (Arhar) and Cotton Crops for Various Districts of Maharashtra, India. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 13(9), 2347–2357.


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