Effect of Nitrogen and Zinc on Growth and Yield of Lentil

Kethavath Vijay Prasad *

Department of Agronomy, SHUATS, Prayagraj, India.

Umesha C.

Department of Agronomy, Naini Agricultural Institute, SHUATS, Prayagraj, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


A field experiment titled “Effect of Nitrogen and Zinc on Growth and Yield of Lentil” was conducted during Rabi season of 2022-23 at the Crop Research Farm, Department of Agronomy, Naini Agricultural Institute, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Prayagraj (U.P.) India. To study the Response of Nitrogen and zinc on growth and yield of Lentil. The treatment combinations are T1: Nitrogen 10 kg/ha+ Zinc 8.0 kg/ha, T2: Nitrogen 10 kg/ha + Zinc 10 kg/ha, T3: Nitrogen 10 kg/ha + Zinc 12 kg/ha, T4: Nitrogen 20 kg/ha + Zinc 8.0 kg/ha, T5: Nitrogen 20 kg/ha + Zinc 10 kg/ha, T6: Nitrogen 20 kg/ha + Zinc 12 kg/ha, T7: Nitrogen 30 kg/ha + Zinc 8.0 kg/ha, T8: Nitrogen 30 kg/ha + Zinc 10 kg/ha, T9: Nitrogen 30 kg/ha + Zinc 12 kg/ha, T10: Control (RDF: 20:40:20 kg/ha) are used. The soil of experimental plot was sandy loamy in texture, nearly neutral in soil reaction (pH 7.8), low in organic carbon (0.35%). Results obtained that the higher plant height (34.01 cm), higher number of nodules (9.20), higher plant dry weight (14.73 g/plant), higher number of pods/plant (153.60), higher number of seeds/pod (1.87), higher 1000 seed weight (21.51 g), higher seed yield (1.61 t/ha) and higher stover yield (3.13 t/ha)   were significantly influenced with application of Nitrogen 30 kg/ha + Zinc 12 kg/ha. Higher gross return (INR 96,480/ha), higher net return (INR 64,094/ha) and higher B:C ratio (2.98) were also recorded in treatment 9 (Nitrogen 30 kg/ha + Zinc 12 kg/ha).

Keywords: Lentil, nitrogen, zinc, growth parameters, yield attributes and economics

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Prasad, Kethavath Vijay, and Umesha C. 2023. “Effect of Nitrogen and Zinc on Growth and Yield of Lentil”. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change 13 (10):1966-72. https://doi.org/10.9734/ijecc/2023/v13i102854.


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