A Study on Farmers Knowledge about Crop Insurance Schemes in Northern Karnataka

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S. K. Jamanal
K. V. Natikar
S. V. Halakatti


Agriculture production and farm income in India are frequently affected by natural disasters such as droughts, floods, cyclones, storms, landslides and earthquakes. In recent times, mechanisms like contract farming and future trading have been established which are expected to provide some insurance against price fluctuations directly or indirectly. But, agricultural insurance is considered as an important mechanism to address the risk of output and income effectively which is resulting from various natural and manmade events. The study was conducted in Karnataka State during the year 2017-18 by using “Ex-post- facto” research design. Belgavi, Dharwad, Haveri and Vijayapura districts were selected purposely based on more number of insured farmers. Further, two taluks from each district and from each taluk three villages (i.e. total 24 villages) were randomly selected. Sample size for the study was 240. Purposive sampling procedure was used. Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression model were applied to analyze the data. The findings of the study revealed that, 44.17 per cent of the insured farmers belonged to low knowledge level followed by medium (37.92%) and high (17.91%) level with respect to Crop Insurance Schemes. The variable ‘credit availed’ had positive and significant relationship at one per cent level of probability. The co-efficient of determination (R2) was 0.427 which indicated that 42.70 per cent of the variation in the knowledge level of insured farmers was together explained by all the independent variables. Thus, concerned officers should conduct awareness  programmes from time to time by using different extension teaching methods like trainings, workshops, distribution of pamphlets, road shows, advertisement through television, newspaper, radio, mobile SMS etc to enhance the knowledge level of farmers.

Knowledge, crop insurance scheme and credit availed.

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Jamanal, S. K., Natikar, K. V., & Halakatti, S. V. (2019). A Study on Farmers Knowledge about Crop Insurance Schemes in Northern Karnataka. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 9(12), 691-700. https://doi.org/10.9734/ijecc/2019/v9i1230150
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