Estimating Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Florianópolis (Brazil) for the Year 2100

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Fernando Montanari
Marcus Polette
Sandra Mara Pereira de Queiroz
Mônica Beatriz Kolicheski


Florianópolis is a city bathed by the ocean for most of its limits, which makes it a vulnerable environment to the effects of sea level rise (SLR). Thus, estimating the economic impacts of SLR in Florianópolis for the year 2100 may serve as a basis for designing public policies. The SLR scenario in Florianópolis for the year 2100 was generated by using geoprocessing techniques. In order to design the urban growth, the CityCell model was used and the economic impacts were estimated with the Adaptive Regional Input-Output (ARIO) model. The area affected in Florianópolis by SLR comprised 13.4% of its territory. The modeling for the year 2100 showed that the city will have a small urban growth. The direct cost of SLR in 2100 is predicted to reach 13 billion reals and the total cost is estimated to be 63 billion reals in the same year.

Climate change, geoprocessing, urban growth

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Montanari, F., Polette, M., Queiroz, S. M. P. de, & Kolicheski, M. B. (2020). Estimating Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Florianópolis (Brazil) for the Year 2100. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 10(1), 37-48.
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