Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality of Water Bodies-A Review

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Eliud Salila
Mahendra Pal Sharma
Rajesh Singh


The impacts of climate change on water quality of water bodies are associated with the climatic extreme events (heavy rainfall and flood, heat, drought, wildfires, cyclones, hurricane, super storms) as the major drivers that require knowledge of understanding. Most research studies present the role of climate change in threatening water quality, risks on drinking water and contributions of catchment in water pollution, but less attention has directed to specific sensitive water quality parameters, appropriate methodologies, risks on ecosystem and managerial practice to reduce the impacts. This review highlight the of effect climate change on surface water bodies based on recent literatures on the impacts of climate change on water quality and promote practical opportunity for better management of these impacts. We conclude that consideration of climate change preparedness plan in catchments is the best option to adopt for minimization of climate change impacts on water quality of water bodies.

Climate change, water quality impairment, water quality models, extreme events, runoff.

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Salila, E., Sharma, M. P., & Singh, R. (2020). Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality of Water Bodies-A Review. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 10(3), 26-37.
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