Present day Agricultural Education Ecosystem and Assessment on Educational Aspirations of Farm Graduates

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N. Anandaraja
K. C. Sivabalan
Molu T. Lalson


In the global ecosystem, swift changes are happening in the knowledge sphere. The present study aims to find out the aspirations of the agricultural graduates regarding their education and agriculture. The study was conducted in the three Agricultural Colleges of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) through open online survey. Well-structured questionnaire was prepared using ‘Google forms’, an online application and data was collected by publishing it online in KAU Student’s Community through ‘Facebook’. Among the sixty four respondents, all the respondents were B.Sc. Agriculture degree holders from KAU and vast majority of the respondents were girls. Majority of the respondents are having medium level of educational, agricultural aaspirations. More than three fifth of the respondents (67.19%) are most interested doing post-graduation in agricultural sciences after completing their graduation. Over one third of respondents (39.10%) were mostly interested to become innovative and progressive farmers, where as less than one-third of the respondents (29.7%) are most interested in starting agricultural subsidiary enterprises.

Agricultural graduates, education, aspiration and over all aspiration.

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Anandaraja, N., Sivabalan, K. C., & Lalson, M. T. (2020). Present day Agricultural Education Ecosystem and Assessment on Educational Aspirations of Farm Graduates. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 10(11), 127-133.
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