Variability and Trend Analysis of Rainfall Data of Shillong and Agartala Stations of North East India

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Mirbana Lusick K. Sangma
Hamtoiti Reang
G. T. Patle
P. P. Dabral


This paper discusses the variability in rainfall and trend analysis of annual and seasonal rainfall time series of Shillong and Agartala stations located in the north-east region of India. Commonly used non-parametric statistical methods namely Mann-Kendall and Sen’s slope estimator was used to analyse the seasonal and annual rainfall time series. Statistical analysis showed less variation in annual and south-west monsoon rainfall for both Shillong and Agartala stations. In the total annual rainfall, the share of south-west (SW) monsoon, north-east (NE) monsoon, winter season and summer season rainfall was observed 64.60%, 13.22%, 1.40% and 20.80%, respectively for Shillong station of Meghalaya state. However, the contribution of SW monsoon, NE monsoon, winter season and summer season rainfall in the total annual rainfall was 59.59%, 9.55%, 1.14% and 29.72%, respectively for Agartala station of Tripura state. Non-significant increasing trends of rainfall was observed by 4.54 mm/year, 2.80 mm/year and 2.54 mm/year for annual, SW monsoon, and summer season, whereas, non-significant decreasing trends in rainfall for NE monsoon and winter season was observed with a magnitude of 1.83 mm/year and 1.63 mm/year for Shillong, Meghalaya during 1992 to 2017. Results also revealed that rainfall increased by 1.07 mm/year and 0.18 mm/year in SW monsoon and winter season whereas, rainfall decreased by 7.64 mm/year, 2.58 mm/year and 1.29 mm/year during annual, NE monsoon and summer season non-significantly during 1995 to 2019 in case of Agartala. The findings of present study will be useful for water management and crop planning in hill agriculture of Meghalaya and Tripura state of India.

Climate change, Mann- Kendall, rainfall, Sen’s Slope, trend, north-east.

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Sangma, M. L. K., Reang, H., Patle, G. T., & Dabral, P. P. (2020). Variability and Trend Analysis of Rainfall Data of Shillong and Agartala Stations of North East India. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 10(11), 134-142.
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