CO\(_2\) and Climate Change: Unveiling the Missing Experimental Evidence

Andrej Pustišek *

Hochschule fur Technik Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Schellingstr-24, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Human activities releasing greenhouse gases are identified as dominant contributors to the observed climate change including global warming and its acceleration. The consequences for humanity are predicted to be severe. Therefore, to mitigate global warming, significant efforts are being devoted to reducing CO2 emissions and stabilizing (or even reducing) atmospheric CO2 concentration. This enormous endeavor of ‘decarbonization’ comes with substantial costs, running into trillions of USD in Western countries alone.

Fundamentally, the entirety of endeavors, actions, and outcomes hinges upon the central hypothesis stating that the increase of CO2 concentration from approximately 0.03% to more than 0.04% causes a noticeable temperature rise. Given the paramount significance of this hypothesis, the generally accepted rules of science would necessitate rigorous scrutiny for substantiation. Such substantiation is typically provided by an experimental evidence.

Yet, surprisingly according to the results of this research, exactly this essential experimental evidence supporting the central hypothesis seems to be lacking, not fully adhering to fundamental principles of scientific analysis. Consequently, robust experimental evidence must be presented to substantiate the hypothesis, as the failure to do so would necessitate a reassessment of the emphasis on CO2 emissions reduction as the primary solution to climate change.

Keywords: Experimental evidence, greenhouse gas effect, CO2 concentration, CO2 emissions, temperature increase, global warming, decarbonization

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Pustišek, Andrej. 2024. “CO\(_2\) and Climate Change: Unveiling the Missing Experimental Evidence”. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change 14 (4):380-85.


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