Dr. Beatrice Smyth

Beatrice is a lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast, and is part of the Clean Energies Research Group. Her research is focused on the production and use of biomethane as a renewable fuel. Specific areas of work include analysis and optimisation of energy pathways, resource quantification and mapping, energy and carbon life cycle analyses, land use change and economic assessment. The interplay between systems is another area of interest, with topics such as the use of energy crops for wastewater treatment and the impact of alternative fuels on urban air quality currently under investigation. Prior to moving to Queen’s in 2013, Beatrice worked in both the public and private sectors, mainly in energy and carbon management and geotechnical and environmental engineering.


Special Contribution: Guest Editor of the Special Issue of BJECC on "Adapting climate change through water efficiency".