Impact of Climate Change on Physical and Biogeochemical Processes in the Hydrologic Cycle: Challenges and Perspectives

Wei Zhang, Guest Editor, Ni-Bin Chang, Chief Editor

Page: 1-8
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Oxidation is Key for Black Carbon Surface Functionality and Nutrient Retention in Amazon Anthrosols

Biqing Liang, Chung-Ho Wang, Dawit Solomon, James Kinyangi, Flavio J. Luizäo, Sue Wirick, Jan O. Skjemstad, Johannes Lehmann

Page: 9-23
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Effects of Nitrogen Availability on the Fate of Litter-Carbon and Soil Organic Matter Decomposition

Amy E. Kochsiek, Johannes M. H. Knops

Page: 24-43
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Assessing Effects of Climate Change on Biogeochemical Cycling of Trace Metals in Alluvial and Coastal Watersheds

Ming-Kuo Lee, Michael Natter, Jeff Keevan, Kirsten Guerra, James Saunders, Ashraf Uddin, Munir Humayun, Yang Wang, Alison R. Keimowitz

Page: 44-66
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Will Nzoia Basin in Kenya See Water Deficiency in Coming Decades as a Result of Climate Change

Pradeep Adhikari, Yang Hong

Page: 67-85
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Relative Efficiency of Surface Energy Partitioning Over Different Land Covers

Jiachuan Yang, Zhi-Hua Wang, T. –W. Lee

Page: 86-102
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Effect of Petroleum Crude Oil on Mineral Nutrient Elements, Soil Properties and Bacterial Biomass of the Rhizosphere of Jojoba

W. M. Shukry, G. H. S. Al-Hawas, R. M. S. Al-Moaikal, M. A. El-Bendary

Page: 103-118
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