Editorial: Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation on Water Quality and Ecological Health in Aquatic Systems

Xing Fang, Guest Editor

Page: 355-359
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Impact Assessment of Hydrology and Water Quality in the Saugahatchee Creek under Projected Land Use and Climate Change Scenarios Using WARMF

Sushban Shrestha, Xing Fang, Rajesh Sawant, Luke J. Marzen

Page: 360-388
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Stream Flow Response to Skilled and Non-linear Bias Corrected GCM Precipitation Change in the Wami River Sub-basin, Tanzania

Frank Joseph Wambura

Page: 389-408
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Climate Impact on Freshwater Biodiversity: General Patterns in Extreme Environments of North-Eastern Siberia (Russia)

Sophia Barinova, Viktor Gabyshev, Olga Gabysheva

Page: 423-443
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Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Seaweeds Variation Using Remote Sensing Data in Al-Shoaiba Coast, Red Sea

Gihan A. El Shoubaky, Mona F. Kaiser

Page: 409-422
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Simulation and Validation of Cisco Habitat in Minnesota Lakes Using the Lethal-Niche-Boundary Curve

Xing Fang, Liping Jiang, Peter C. Jacobson, Nancy Z. Fang

Page: 444-470
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