Editorial: Interactions between Urbanization, Climate Variability and Its Impact on Surface Waters

Lloyd H. C. Chua, Guest Editors, Kim N. Irvine, Guest Editors

Page: 76-77
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Performance Evaluation of Low Impact Development Practices Using Linear Regression

Marija Eric, James Li, Darko Joksimovic

Page: 78-90
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Exploratory Assessment of SUDS Feasibility in Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Basin, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Huu Loc, M. S. Babel, Sutat Weesakul, K. N. Irvine, Pham Minh Duyen

Page: 91-103
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Dynamic Modeling to Assess Natural Wetlands Treatment of Wastewater in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Towards an Eco-City Planning Tool

Chansopheaktra Sovann, Kim N. Irvine, Sthiannopkao Suthipong, Sothea Kok, Eliyan Chea

Page: 104-115
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A Study of Urban Heat Island using “Local Climate Zones” – The Case of Singapore

Yvonne X. Y. Ng

Page: 116-133
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Modeling the Effects of Drought in Urban Economies Using Regional Input-Output Analysis

Sheree A. Pagsuyoin, Joost R. Santos

Page: 134-146
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Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modelling of Flood Inundation for a Part of the Mekong River with TELEMAC-2D

Tung T. Vu, Phuoc K. T. Nguyen, Lloyd H. C. Chua, Adrian W. K. Law

Page: 162-175
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Flood Risk Modeling of Urbanized Estuarine Areas under Uncertainty: A Case Study for Whitesands, UK

Manousos Valyrakis, Mark Solley, Eftychia Koursari

Page: 147-161
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Spatial and Temporal Trend of Water Resources in Beijing, China during 1999-2012 and Its Impact Analysis

Huili Gong, Tao Tang, Zhaoning Gong, Xiaojuan Li, Yuzhu Chen, Wenji Zhao

Page: 176-188
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