Retracted: Challenges and Possibilities in the Multi-Parameter Characterization Techniques for Enhanced Monitoring of CO2 in Geological Carbon Sequestration

Luqman K. Abidoye, Ilyasu Okediran, Kazeem O. Rabiu

Page: 339-351
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Sustainable Energy Sources for the Future: A New Geothermal Heat Pump System for the Built Environment

Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Page: 285-309
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Effect of Intensive Vegetable Cultivation on Soil Organic Carbon Storage in Akwa Ibom State, Southeastern Nigeria

E. A. Awelewa, P. I. Ogban

Page: 310-323
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Evaluating Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Conservation Agriculture in Semi-arid Tropics of Southern India

Ram A. Jat, Suhas P. Wani, P. Pathak, Piara Singh, Kanwar L. Sahrawat, Girish Chander, R. S. Sudi

Page: 324-338
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An Exploration of Disaster Risk in Farmer’s Community of Angaria Sub-sub-district in Bangladesh

A. K. M. Abdul Ahad Biswas

Page: 352-364
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