Part 1 - Climate Change Adaptation: Water Management and the Built Environment

Fayyaz Ali Memon, (Guest Editors), J. O. Jenkins, (Guest Editors), B. Smyth, (Guest Editors)

Page: 64
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A Case Study of Flow Regulators Installed in Washroom Taps within an Office Building

Steven R. Brown, Jonathan Chenoweth, Stuart Blofeld, Lorna Hamilton, Mindy Hadi

Page: 65-76
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Examination of Domestic Cold Water Systems

Richard K. Beattie, Damien Kane

Page: 90-96
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Utilising Time of Use Surveys to Predict Domestic Hot Water Consumption and Heat Demand Profiles of Residential Building Stocks

Olivier Neu, Simeon Oxizidis, Damian Flynn, Donal Finn

Page: 77-89
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An Analysis of Domestic Water Consumption in Jaipur, India

Seyed M. K. Sadr, Fayyaz Ali Memon, Arpit Jain, Shilpa Gulati, Andrew P. Duncan, Wa’el Hussein, Dragan A. Savić, David Butler

Page: 97-115
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Feasibility Study of Water Saving Measures in Higher Education Buildings: A Case Study of the University of Aveiro

A. Silva-Afonso, C. Pimentel-Rodrigues, I. Meireles, V. Sousa

Page: 116-127
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A Laboratory Study into a Novel, Retrofittable Rainwater Harvesting System

Peter Melville-Shreeve, Chris Horstman, Sarah Ward, Fayyaz Ali Memon, David Butler

Page: 128-137
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Monitoring Drainage Water Quality during Green Roof Irrigation Trials Using Synthetic Greywater

Matthew Smith, Katherine Hyde

Page: 138-148
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How Does Your Garden Flow? The Impact of Domestic Front Gardens on Urban Flooding

D. A. Kelly

Page: 149-158
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