Design, Characterization and Geospatial Analysis of Physical and Socio-economic Indicators of Anthropogenic Pressures on Protected Areas in Africa

Elysée Ntiranyibagira, Francois Xavier Naramabuye, Thacienne Uwilingiyimana, Fabien Muhirwa, Andrew Kibogo, Gloriose Umuziranenge, Isaac Kayumba, Concorde Nsengumuremyi

Page: 44-57
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Mosquito Larval Species and Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping of Environmental Vulnerable Areas, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Mohamed M. Sowilem, Ahmed M. El-Zeiny, E. S. Mohamed

Page: 17-28
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Explaining the Non-significant Changes in Ice-off Date over Six Decades at Lake of Bays and Lake Nipissing, South-Central Ontario

Huaxia Yao, Congsheng Fu

Page: 29-43
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