Disaster Coping Strategy Practiced by the Affected People for their Livelihood Due to Climate Change

M. J. Alam, M. N. Islam, M. Y. Uddin, M. M. Haque, M. G. Mostafa

Page: 34-53
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Shade and Irrigation Effects on Growth, Flowering, Pod Yields and Cacao Tree Survival Following 5 Years of Continuous Dry Season Irrigation

E. F. Charles, S. O. Agele, O. P. Aiyelari, I. B. Famuwagun, E. Faboade

Page: 54-64
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Design and Development of Solar-biogas Hybrid Dryer for Onion Drying

A. K. Rupnar, Sudhir Jain, N. L. Panwar, S. K. Jain

Page: 65-73
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Relationship between Rainfall Pattern in North Central and Southern Nigeria and Some Tropical Climate Systems

Esmond Gesever Ugbeji, Kingsley Chukwudi Okpala

Page: 74-88
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Bio-management Options for Ecosystem Services, Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Adaptation in Saline Environment

Mukesh Kumar, S. R. Gupta, Neetu Kataria, G. T. Patle

Page: 11-33
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