Enhancing Farmer Income through Value Addition to Rice in Khammam District, India

W. Jessie Suneetha, J. Hemanth Kumar, P. Jagan Mohan Rao, Y. G. Prasad

Page: 1-7
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GIS-Based Climate Change Induced Flood Risk Mapping in Uhunmwonde Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria

Obot Akpan Ibanga, Osaretin Friday Idehen

Page: 8-23
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Spatial Variability and Associated Risk Assessment of Nitrate and Ammonium Concentration in Hail Haor Wetland, Northeastern Bangladesh

Humyra B. Murshed, Arafat Rahman, M. J. Uddin, Muhaiminur Rahman

Page: 24-37
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Effect of Lockdown amid COVID-19 Pandemic on Weather Parameters of Mid Hill Region of Jammu District of J&K, UT

Mahinder Singh, Vishaw Vikas, Charu Sharma, Rohit Sharma

Page: 53-77
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Organoleptic Properties of Ready to Reconstitute Little Millet Smoothie with Fruit Juices

B. Neeharika, W. Jessie Suneetha, B. Anila Kumari, M. Tejashree

Page: 78-82
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Influence of Weather Parameters on Foliar Diseases of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Coastal Ecosystem of West Bengal, India

Nayan Kishor Adhikary, Krishnendu Roy, Kajal Kumar Biswas

Page: 83-88
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Amount of Waste used for Different Purposes: A Socio-ecological Impact

Arindam Ghosh, Dibyendu Pal, Amitava Biswas, S. K. Acharya

Page: 89-99
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Effect of Salinity Stress on Antioxidative Enzyme Activity in the Leaves of Tolerant and Susceptible Genotypes of Groundnut

Apurba Pal, Debjani Dutta, Anjan Kumar Pal, Sunil Kumar Gunri

Page: 100-111
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Validation of Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Distribution in South-South and South-East of Nigeria

G. F. Ibeh, E. O. Echeweozo, L. O. Onuorah, E. E. Akpan

Page: 112-122
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Evaluation of Three-Way Cross Hybrids and Their Parents for Storage Losses in Onion (Allium cepa L.)

Ajay Kumar Pandav, R. Veere Gowda, B. Varalakshmi, K. Padmini, M. V. Dhananjaya

Page: 123-132
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Analyzing the Effect of Lockdown on Weather Parameters Amid COVID-19 Pandemic of Mid Hill Region of Rajouri District of Jammu & Kashmir, Union Territory, India

Rohit Sharma, Vishaw Vikas, Mahender Singh, Manish Kr. Sharma, Narinder Panotra, Charu Sharma, Deepak Kumar

Page: 133-153
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Exploration of Knowledge, Perception and Adaptation Strategies of the Mbita Fisher Community to CC/ CV

Robert David Lubalo Onyango, Christopher Oludhe, Doris Amwata

Page: 154-169
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Technology Socialization Process of Pulse Enterprise: The Structural and Functional Analysis

Dibyendu Pal, Arindam Ghosh, Amitava Biswas, Sankar Kr. Acharya, Kabita Mondal

Page: 170-178
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Biodiversity Conservation Friendliness Status of Rural Farmers in Abak Agricultural Zone of Akwa Ibom State

J. T. Ekanem, N. U. Okorie, J. Ibanga

Page: 179-189
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Evaluation of Drought Characteristics Using the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI) over Parambikulam Aliyar Basin of Tamil Nadu

V. Guhan, V. Geethalakshmi, S. Panneerselvam, A. Raviraj, A. Lakshmanan, S. P. Ramanathan, N. Kowshika, K. Bhuvaneswari

Page: 201-208
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Zero Budget Natural Farming in India: Aiming Back to the Basics

Saikat Biswas

Page: 38-52
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Issues in Climate Smart Agriculture in Southeastern Nigeria

E. O. Okoro, V. U. Okwu- Delunzu, C. S. Ofordu

Page: 190-200
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